Welc​ome to SD-6 Consortium

We Are A Leading Consultancy Company Specialize In Digital Marketing Management, Web Hosting Management, And Providing Web Development Management.

SD-6 Consortium Has Evolved Into A Dynamic Organization Through Its Long Tradition And Experience In Working With Big Corporations, International Development Agencies, Private Sectors, Academic Institutions, Civil Society, SMEs, And Individual Bodies.

We Have A Portfolio Of Work That Includes In Nigeria And Across Africa.We Take Great Pride In Our Reputation For Consistently Delivering Quality Services To The Highest Satisfaction Of Our Clients, Consultants, And Our Professional Standards. We Do This Through Innovative Thinking, International Perspectives, Local Knowledge And The Immense Experience And Technical Know-how Of Our People.We Use Our Ingenuity To Save Our Client' Time And Money, Reduce Risks, Increase Efficiency And Maximize Sustainable Outcomes.

How We Work

Our Approach to Work Is Based on Our Depth of Experience, A High Level of Professionalism, High Quality, and A Customer-centered Philosophy. Our Commitment To Collaborative Working And Track Record Of Successful Projects Underpin Our Capacity To Deliver Excellent Services To Achieve Excellent Results At All Times.

We Work Hard At Relationships With Our Clients And Partners. We Recognize The Importance Of Inclusion, Participation And This Allows Us To Balance All Interests Between Our Partnerships With Clients, Consultants, Stakeholders, And The Communities We Work In.

Our Values

In Today's' Difficult And Ever-changing Work Environment, We Remain Closely bonded To the Corporate Values Which Describes How We Work and What We Deliver. These Values Are Central To Everything We Do.


We Will Always Trust Our Partners. This Facilitates Quick Engagement And Encourages An Enabling Environment In Which We Can Give Our Best And Deliver Exceptional Results.


Everything We Do Must Be to a Professional Standard, to Deliver The Best and Most Appropriate Product.


Whatever We Do, We Do Not For Ourselves, But The Client. The Client Is King. And The Client Is Represented By Everyone With Whom We Interface In The Course Of An Assignment.


Our Prime Function Is To Facilitate The Delivery Of Solutions. In Doing This We Will Always Carry-All Clients Along. And We Do This In Such A Way To Ensure Everyone Feels Ownership Of The Solution.

Our Team

Our Team Collectively Bring Worldwide Management, Operations, And Consulting Experience Across Diverse Industry Background To Advancing Our Business In Line With Our Values And Philosophy.

Our Services:

  1. Email Marketing
  2. Facebook Marketing
  3. Flights Booking
  4. Hotel Booking
  5. Social Media Marketing
  6. Smart Panel
  7. Travel and Tours
  8. Virtual Topup Service
  9. Web Hosting
  10. WhatsApp Marketing
  11. Work With Us in Nigeria

What our customers say

"I wish I would have thought of it first. I am really satisfied with my email marketing. I can't understand how I have been living without email marketing."

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"You guys rock! We've seen amazing results already. You impressed me on multiple levels. Social Media Marketing has got everything I need."

Lovable Stellar Store

"No matter where you go, Facebook Marketing is the coolest, most happening thing around! I was amazed at the quality of Facebook Marketing."

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